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Terms & Conditions

You must be 21 years or older to rent a motorized boat or waverunner from us.

Vermont State Law mandates if you were born before January 1, 1974 years of age or older you can operate a motorboat or PWC without a boaters safety course. Anyone that is born after January 1, 1974, is required to have a safety certificate or boaters license to operate a motor boat or PWC. Vermont is reciprocal with all US states. You will need to provide us with a Boaters safety certificate or license that is NASBLA approved in order to operate any motorboat or PWC. The following offer online courses: and

All rental customers need to be present at the time of sign-in. You cannot exceed the boat's capacity (capacities are listed on the rate page). We will not sign in more customers for the rental than that of the boat or PWC's capacity. Only the customers that have signed in are permitted to operate or be aboard the boats or PWCs.


Our Boats and PWC's are not permitted at the Fairview beach or Fairview dock. 


There can be no back and forth to the dock to switch out passengers. There is no offloading and reloading of passengers that were not present at sign-in. There is no docking or pulling of the boats/wave runners on shore. If the terms are not followed, it will result in the immediate termination of the rental. The full rental fee will be forfeited. Upon arrival if the terms and conditions have not been met you will be charged in full for the rental and will be unable to get on the water. Any rental that is returned late will be charged $100 every 15 minutes past the return time. We love our furry friends, however, no pets are allowed.

Weather Policy
*Being an outdoor sport, we are subject to Mother nature's approval, we reserve the right to cancel or postpone rentals at any time; with no charge to the customer. We will make the cancellation decision 1 hour prior to reservation time.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel up to 8 days before your reservation with no fee. 
A re-booking fee of $75.00 will be charged for any reservation that is canceled/changed or rescheduled within the 7-day period of the reservation date. If we are able to re-book the reservation you will only be charged the re-booking fee of $75.00. If we are unable to re-book the reservation you will be charged the full rental fee.
A no-show to the reservation will also be charged the full rental fee. Covid is not an exemption to our cancellation fees and policies.             

We only sell water, so bring what you need to enjoy your time on the lake. 

802 464 2108

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