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  • Canoe/Kayak/Paddle Board rentals are located at the bottom of the rental page.

  • Canoe/Kayak/Paddle Boards rentals do not need a boaters license

  • How old do I need to be to rent a boat or PWC? You need to be 21 years old.

  • Do I need a Boaters License ? If you were born after 1974 you need a boaters license or boaters safety certificate that is NABSLA approved. If you were born before 1974 you are exempt and can operate without a boaters license. 

  • BYOB- Bring your own bait for fishing. Available in Wilmington at the Mobil Station

  • Is my credit card charged when I reserve online or on the phone ? No you are charged when you arrive for your rental 

  • Can I check in for my reservation with out everyone in my group? No you need to check in 30 minutes before your reservation with your entire group

  • Can I pick up passengers and dock my rental boat or PWC at the Fairview area? No, our rentals are not permitted at the Fairview beach or dock. If this is ignored your rental will immediately be terminated. 

  • Can I pick up or drop off passengers at the High Country dock during my rental? No only in an  emergency

  • Can I bring my dog? No, we love our furry friends however they are not permitted on the boats

  • What happens if its raining on the day of my reservation? We will make a cancellation decision 1 hour prior to your reservation time

  • When can I cancel without a fee ? You can cancel up to 8 days before your reservation date with out a fee. Covid is not an exemption to our cancellation fees and policies.                                              Please review the Terms and Conditions page 

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